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Fitness Apps To Motivate Your Workouts - Yahoo News

The list goes on. We do everything in front of our bodies. So its not a big surprise that our posture is anterior dominant (meaning we are stronger on the front of our bodies than the back). As a result, we suffer from poor posture, back injuries and possibly worst of all, we create the illusion of a potbelly (even if we dont have much body fat). Perhaps the most important thing we can do to counteract our countless forward daily activities is to strengthen the muscles of our upper back. Known as the rhomboids, the upper back muscles work to pull our shoulder blades back together, thus drawing our shoulders back, opening up our chest and lengthening our abs!
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RockMyRun has thousands of music mixes, 45 minutes or less, to match your energy and tempo and keep you excited about your workout. With the Rockstar membership upgrade, you get longer mixes and no ads. Virtual Walk Treadmill ( iOS , Android ) View gallery . If you feel like you're just walking in circles, get on Virtual Walk Treadmill or GPS. This app lets you experience the Appalachian Trail, a New York cultural tour, the National Mall in Washington, the Boston Marathon, or Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. The high-quality pictures make you feel like a national traveler, and you'll learn about landmarks while you stretch your legs.
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Astros owner Crane shooting for postseason - Yahoo Sports

13, 2014, file photo, new Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team manager Chip Hale, He said his first full season in the majors ''just reaffirmed what I believed all the time. I have the ability to play here. It's confirmation in a way. I'm just excited to get out there and do it again.'' An intriguing option at catcher is power-hitting Peter O'Brien, who came in the trade that sent Martin Prado to the New York Yankees . Already in informal workouts, O'Brien has put on quite a show in batting practice.
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Preseason snub helps fuel No. 10 Sun Devils' rise - Yahoo Sports

''There's always a certain amount of optimism you have because you don't know what's going to happen, but there's an increased expectation and an increased level of optimism for this year.'' Crane, Luhnow and new manager A.J. Hinch had a 90-minute meeting with the team on Wednesday morning where they shared their expectations for the year and schooled the new players on what it has taken to get the franchise where it is today. Luhnow took time in the meeting to recognize Altuve, catcher Jason Castro and utility infielder Marwin Gonzalez as the only players who have been here since Luhnow took over for the 2012 season. ''I feel like we owe it to (them) to go out and help them be part of a winning effort,'' Luhnow said. ''Because ...
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Back Exercises from Harley Pasternak - Great Ideas : People.com

(AP) -- Arizona State overcame a massive hurdle by beating Stanford at Maples Pavilion and added to it by sweeping the Cardinal for the first time in 30 years. The seeds for the Sun Devils' breakthrough win - and subsequent rise through the rankings - were planted with last season's unexpected run, cultivated through grueling offseason workouts and spurred by a preseason snub. Playing with breakneck speed and never-back-down scrappiness, No, 10 Arizona State is off to the best start in school history and has the http://www.maxworkoutsreview.net/ inside track to host an NCAA tournament sub-regional. Not bad for a team picked to finish seventh in the Pac-12.
More: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/preseason-snub-helps-fuel-no-10-sun-devils-214953700--ncaaw.html

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